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What Is A Marine Survey?

In brief terms, a marine survey can be described as any fact-finding endeavor having to do with boats, yachts, or ships. A Condition and Value Survey (C & V) is a report which documents the current condition of a boat and estimates its value. When an owner needs insurance, a marine surveyor assesses the vessel's condition and value and documents the findings. When a boat is damaged, a marine surveyor evaluates the extent of the loss and its cause. A marine surveyor is a trained professional who acts as your eyes and ears in any assessment or investigation situation.

Miley Marine Surveying & Consulting, Inc. offers a broad selection of marine survey services throughout Florida and the Caribbean. Ranging from simple appraisals to complicated pre-purchase analysis and damage work, we provide recreational boaters, boat insurers, and many others with the most consistent, reputable service available.

If you are planning on buying a boat, a comprehensive hull survey can be invaluable. Our surveyors can assess the condition and value of any pleasure vessel, and provide you with detailed documents to back up our findings. Similarly, if your boat is damaged or has been involved in an accident, we can offer a complete, impartial assessment of the damage.

For insurance companies, Miley Marine Surveying & Consulting, Inc. can provide you with a complete evaluation of any pleasure craft or commercial vessel. Our surveyors can also inspect a vessel to verify that it meets all federal laws and voluntary fire and safety standards.

Who needs one?

Anyone who owns a pleasure boat or commercial vessel, or is considering buying or selling one. Insurance companies and financial institutions will also sometimes require surveys anytime they insure or finance a boat, or pay an insurance claim. Most importantly, the survey helps determine the overall condition of your vessel, and that it meets the safety criteria which safeguard your passengers and crew. For individuals buying or selling a boat, a Condition and Value/Pre-Purchase Survey helps determine the actual value of a craft.

Why is a survey important for an insurance company?

For insurance companies, a Condition and Value Survey helps determine whether the vessel meets USCG, ABYC, NFPA, and UL standards, and carries the appropriate level of coverage in the event that it is lost or damaged.

How often is a survey needed?

It depends on the insurance company, the value of your boat, and its age. For the sake of safety, we recommend a survey at least once every two years.

Miley Marine Surveying & Consulting, Inc. charges a fee that's based upon the size and use of the boat. The charges cover only the actual cost of the survey and any non-destructive testing (such as laminate moisture). Mechanical, electrical and oil testing are available for an additional charge.

How long does it take?

Under normal circumstances, we can arrange to perform a marine survey within 72 hours of your request. We ask that the owner or agent be present at the survey to open any locks and give us permission to board and inspect the vessel. The survey itself lasts anywhere from two hours to all day, depending on the boat.

Click here for a Survey Boarding Agreement / Work Order Document (PDF).

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